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 NetSpend $20 PROMO

 In this blog,i will share with you guys a secret used to make money online via netspend .

If you don't know about netspend, click here 

I'll be brief,First how do you make money from netspend? 

Netspend is running a kind of promo to it's customer in order to promote their services.




When you acquire a netspend card and load $40 unto the card,netspend instantly gives you $20 after you activate your card here



It has been discovered that this current promo has created a loop hole to make extra cash for current holders of this prepaid card.Simply by frequently activating your card daily via the activation link.This gives you an extra $20 daily on your card

 NOTE: If you have @least one referral,you also get $20 whenever the person activates his/her card.Now lets do the calculation lets say you have this netspend card and do the daily activation and get $20 for all seven days of the week and also 4weeks in a month : That would round up the sum of $560 aprox N80,000 in naira now you can multiply that income by two if you refer someone or more.

And if you have @least one referral, your monthly earning will be $1200 i.e 187,200 naira .Having more referrals will increase your income

You also receive rewards for using the card 

The trick involve in withdrawing this money from your netspend card is very easy.Just create a voguepay account here

After creating and verifying your account,simply log in and navigate to fund account then the amount you wish to fund depending on how much you currently have on your card.Your payment method should be interswitch then proceed to payment page and select master card and fill up your card details and finally click on pay.You voguepay account will instantly be funded.Have started this for over a month now and have made more than N200,000 from it.Below is a resent screenshot of my voguepay account

 Withdrawing from your voguepay account to your nigeria bank account is very easy.I don't think is necessary for me to start running all through that here.But if you find that difficult,you can always contact me for help.


For now Nigerians are not permitted to register and apply for this card via the netspend website.And that leaves us with only one option,which is; Third party

Am writhing this blog only for two reasons

  • To share this info so others can also benefit from this

  • To expand my own income,because everyone i will help to register under this platform will be registered under my referral which means i'll also get $20 each time they activate their card(and that will serve as my payment for sharing this info) HOPE YOU DON'T GET ME WRONG *WINK* 

    Please i have a limit to those i'll help in registering unto this platform.So if it heppens that you contact me and i tell you that i have reached that limit,please bear with me

    And also note: You are not advised to login your account via the netspend site after successful registration and acquiring your card in order not to lose your account.You can make more research on that note.

    For video testimonials click here you can also search for more videos on youtube. 

    Note:No one will reveal this secret to you else where. 

    To enroll into this program simply contact me;

    Or call 08079345294



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